Desktop ablaze

It’s cold outside and we need warming up – so I started work on updating the flame module. Flame is the second Enlightenment 0.17 modules that I have brought back to life. It should find a proper home in due course but for now you can build it by downloading directly from the Enlightenment git server. […]

Snowing like it’s E17

Yup it’s winter time and the temperature is dropping – but no snow outside. So I decided to let it snow indoors instead :). The Snow module is the first of a series of Enlightenment 0.17 modules that I am bringing back to life. It should find a proper home in due course but for […]

Update on progress with EDI

Here’s the latest screenshot of an IDE i’m putting together using the EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries). You can check it out from – let me know what you think…

Dinner was a train crash – literally!

Actually our Burns supper went very well. Michelle managed to feed 12 people and we fitted them into the dining room too. Unfortunately someone found the speed controls for the trains inside the dining table… A couple of fast corners later and see what happened… Thankfully everyone survived

FlatCurve emerges

OK, so after planning this theme for ages I finally decided to get into it… So far it is no where near complete – it has many “defaulting” parts and a few features need to be tweaked, but here it is: Stay posted for new news, hopefully I will get this up on get-e soon.