If technology is the future and computers are ubiquitous then software must be the building blocks of our society. Don’t we owe it to ourselves and to each other to make that freely available to everyone?

Hey guys, I know I’m no medic but I’m pretty sure if I was I wouldn’t have gotten into it because I like working long hours or weekends. Have we at some point forgotten that these generous people look after us all and on a daily basis put others’ health above their own and are literally life savers?

Can we stop arguing about pay or hours and instead be grateful and figure how to inspire more people to take this honourable path?

Having been satisfied with the beta releases of OS X Yosemite all I can say is that the final release is a disappointment. My machine which ran stably from one beta to the next is now rebooting due to fatal errors almost every day since release.

Apple… Where are you?

Or it seems like it! My latest MacBook Pro has frozen completely 3 times in the last fortnight. This machine has not been upgraded to mavericks yet either. Seems like whether or not you do the upgrade you’ve got problems on the OSX desktop.

I don’t think Apple can blame Gmail for all the issues I’m seeing…