Month: August 2005

XSM gets a big push

OK, so Michelle was away this weekend seeing her parents so I
decided to make the most of it and put my all into some XSM development
– look what happened:

So now I can really see a 0.1 release coming along… Just 1 small feature
to add and 2 bugs to fix and I should be able to release it. Was
thinking about releasing a beta today, but then realised I need to
package up some sample data for folk to get started with and changed my
mind – will get some sleep instead and package the config up tomorrow!


Erm, OK maybe this is a bit belated, but things have been hectic here!

We spent our honeymoon on Rhodes (Greek island off the coast of Turkey) near a small town called Kolympia. The sun was beating down, the cocktails were making themselves and the food was delicious. Needless to say we had a fantastic time.

The room we had was great – a deluxe junior suite with a balcony that looked out over the bay. We were on the terrace nearest the beach, so the sand was only 10 yards away – a quick hot, skip and jump over the roasting grains and you were in the sea. As warm as I am sure the sea was (comparatively) we much preferred the pools where there was a bar and many sun loungers.

It was a shame to have to leave, but being back and unpacking our presents has been a lot of fun too.

XSM improvements galore

Oops, not posted anything in a while, well XSM is the software of the moment! recent additions include:

  • FTP backend
  • UTF-8 default encoding fixes most translation issues
  • last login is stored to help folk see how long they have been idle for on a site

is also a new selection of pages on the XSM site including screenshots
of XSM managed sites and some artwork for declaring your favourite
content manager.

Soon to come is language selection, alongside the 3 TODO items causing us not to release “0.1” – stay tuned!