Month: July 2005

Wedding Bells have rung

OK, so back from the wedding now and can honestly say that not only have I never been happier in my entire life, but also that I never realised a single day could encompas so many of the happiest moments of my life!!!

The day was fantastic, perfect, special, sunny, cheerful… yes I have run out of ways to describe it, this is the only problem I am encountering – I cannot express how fantastic a day it was, everything was exactly as we had dreamed it might be and better.

We plan to put up all the pics, videos, speeches etc on our website sometime soon, but you will understand if we go on honeymoon first!!!

Finally a huge thankyou to every person who helped by planning, taking part, attending or even sending best wishes – without everybody involved it could not have been so perfect!!! We love you all 🙂

Bang on the head

OK, so I honestly thought I had seen the end of the crash ramifications, but oh no!

went to the opticians about a funny blur in my eye, well – it turns out
(they think) that this is a result of my accident. Apparently a small
piece of tissue has broken off from inside my eye and is now floating
around indside! Still – apparently my vision is still perfect and this
“floater” will disappear over time, so am still lucky really.