Month: January 2005

E17 code freeze

OK so e17 went into a freeze the other day so we can try to tidy up loose ends and make sure all bugs are kept in toe. Everyone is now working on tidying everything up and testing as much as possible. As part of this the pager got a complete re-write and now supports multiple “zones” as well as virtual desktops. Oh – also I added application icons for fun, afterall it was barely 3 lines of code difference – here it is in its latest glory 🙂

Wedding arrangements

OK, exciting time! Michelles parents came down last week to help out
with the planning and things really sped ahead! Plenty of things sorted
now and we are all quite raved! See plenty of you on the day 🙂

Virtual desktop geometry

OK, so E got virtual desktops, but they were just a list – no layout really, so this weekend I: Wrote the geometry code, now desks have a real relation to other desks in the same “Zone” Wrote a pager to demostrate the new feature, and allow folk to navigate more easily than using the desktop menu we had before. Ok the pager does not look fantastic, but it functions on a basic level. Next to hook in the internal events on desk changes, window moves etc so the pager can update in real time!