Month: August 2004

More Enotes themeing

Well, more of the same really, but I thought that this was looking so nice it deserved an entry. The control center now has two modes, buttons as shown before and icons as per: . The modes switch using a cool little animation too 🙂 Also of interest is the nice detail I added to the corner of each note vis: cool no? 🙂 Engage folk don’t worry, I have been working on that, and in line with rasters E17 iBar code I will be rewriting the configuration to make things a lot easier!

Enotes gets a new lease of life

Enotes the desktop notes program based on the EFL has obtained a new lease of life this week!

With the addition of some features I requested and a tidyup of the display comes my offering – the postit theme 🙂
Looking like a postit tm note this theme offers new compact notes to your desktop with many new features still to be added.

A screenshot of this first version looks a little like this: