Month: May 2003

The *real* end of Uni

Finally, the project presentation is over and my Uni work has indeed finished!!! woohoo \o/ With all this spare time I may do some,….. coding, erm ah well! Lets all chill and party

Working Lad

Well, my first week at work as a full-time working lad has come and gone, and how great was it! I have a website set up on my machine: which has useful info etc. Just a project presentation to go and I am free and happy 🙂

Dissertation NO MORE

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Well, I cannot begin to say how much of a relief it is to be finished with Uni work. Unfortunately I still have to get ready for the presentation of the project work, but still – hear enough. Sorry all you still working away… see you in the pub tomorrow.

Work goes on

Well, as we all know it is difficult to write this damn dissertation. Thankfully today has been a good day for it. Got a colleague from work (Emma) to look over it all which was a lot of help. Between her and Michelle I am starting to belive that the examiners may understand what I am trying to say. Also got boxed code includes working – ROX!

Cadenza Recording

Well, this eve found me wasting my time in Crichton church singing away Ken Johnston’s new piece for a recording for the media. The recording went well, but the guilt set in so I ran back to work again 😦