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Equate - an E Calculator

I decided (with the agreement of some of the crew from #edevelop) that it would be cool to write a simple app to demonstrate EWL (one of the E Foundation Libraries) and that a calculator would be a cool app to write.

Equate has once again (for the last time) changed it's backend code to a flex/bison generated parser combination. This gives speeds similar to that of my implementation, but allows text file parsing which will soon be useful! The parser is based on an example from the bison page, but has been modified and extended for this purpose.

The calculator now has three different interfaces, a "basic" interface that allows simple maths to be performed on the same layout as your key pad. The second "scientific" interface is now the subject of my work and will soon include all the functions of a scientific calculator.
The third is the new themable interface which allows the anyone to decide what the equate should look like, and what functions it should perform!

This code is now in E cvs as misc/equate, so grab it from there in the usual way.