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Engage - a docker based on osxdocker

A while ago genneth wrote a great docker named osxdocker, it looked like this:

This had a bad hack to get background transparency working, so I modified it to allow realtime updates on the background, I also changed the iconset to gentoo's free icons which rock ;):

As you can see this is not transparent, but so things must be for non-hacked backgrounds! To get back our nice transparencies another mode was added to allow nice alpha blending using ESmart, but this only shines onto the desktop - ah well
Next was added support for grabbing icons from applications, this looked thus:

Now, there seems to be a nasty background, as masks are not working - so kwo got to work and fixed up an imlib patch that made icon loading work thus:

And then added icon grabbing to any apps that are running:

The start of an edje theme allowed the X icons to be manipulated, so here I make them look like the gentoo iconset:

Then tlg made a much better theme with the more transparent gentoo icons, placing the "shine" over the icon to look more realistic, also the old icons were removed (to stop the double bubbles) in anticipation of the new edje icon themes!

Here we have an example of the themes allowed by the new edje theming system - a gant iconset, pretty nice and my fave at the moment. Also notice the bouncing icon due to an application spawning!

This shot is of the latest engage with the latest version of the gentoo theme, running with the new application/mapping configuration underneath. Altogether tidier but still the same sexy beast :). Utterly worthy of note, however, is the new embedded edje system demonstrated here with some clocks, and a nice new system tray area using the specification!!!