Andy Williams

Just a guy playing with code and trains


All my software and such projects. My most impressive project is the Java IDE that I wrote in the summer of 2002. It is unfortunately no where near finished and probably never will be, as I use the IntelliJ IDEA IDE now

Currently my interest is in Java coding for web delivered applications. Utilising Wicket, Plexus and other technologies I can easily develop and deploy complex applications. Previously I have worked a lot with C code on the Linux platform -reflected by my Enlightenment developer status and the applications (Engage, Equate etc) found on these pages. My other recent projects are mostly Java client based apps and as such can be viewed online. This is now easy thanks to my JAppApplet class that abstracts the standalone / applet code and also makes loading images etc easier.

Almost all of my earlier (pre 2002) projects were written in Delphi for windows (bad idea, in hindsight) and I have little interest in them now that I run no windows computers. Active projects are now either written in Java for cross plaform deployment or using web technology involving a mix of Java and AJAX or just PHP when the code is light (and can be hard to maintain ;) ).

Future plans include publising all my java libraries here - some of which will be of interest, others not. Some libraries (com.rectang.*) can be found at