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Ubuntu 11.10 and OSX Lion dual boot on MacBook Pro 8,2 even with FileVault2! posted 29 Nov 2011 21:28 by Andrew Williams

Hi there guys - so I heard that the latest OSX / MacBook Pro was causing issues for people wanting to dual boot with the latest Ubuntu release so I decided to have a go. OK so I'm not going to pretend it was easy but you should be able to get it running if you just follow this simple set of steps. I have included notes about what you will have to do

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Portal 2 amazes! posted 22 Nov 2011 21:11 by Andrew Williams

OK this might be a spoiler so put your fingers in your ears if you have not completed Portal 1 yet!

Following from the fantastic first game which, whilst short, was perfectly formed and one of the best thought out games of it's year we are taken on a new journey with GlaDoS.

You remember her right? The manic AI which hated you, tricked you and tried to kill you

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