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Maven talk accepted by Developer Day Scotland posted 16 Feb 2008 22:06 by Andrew Williams

A talk on the introduction to Maven that I proposed has been accepted for the preliminary agenda for Developer! Developer! Developer!'s Scotland conference this year!

If you would like to hear it, or think it would be useful to others then please vote for it :)

Sure I'm nervous - but somehow we have to spread the good news around the country.

I am Charlie Pace from Lost posted 16 Feb 2008 19:04 by Andrew Williams

It's funny that these quizzes are usually nonsense - but this one totally matches me, freaked me out a little!

You are: Charlie Pace
You almost have two different personalities. You are a good person but have some issues you've been struggling with. You aren't one of the bravest people in the world but you defend what is closest to you. You are willing to fight for
... [Full article]