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First impressions of the iPhone posted 14 Nov 2007 16:05 by Andrew Williams

OK, so the iPhone is not really new news as it has been out in the 'States for 4 months now but that did not stop UK Apple fanatics from being excited about the UK iPhone launch.

The queue at the official Scottish launch in Edinburgh was only around 30 people at 6:02 when the store opened, and some of them were just there to buy normal mobile phones.

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Link returns in the Phantom Hourglass posted 12 Nov 2007 18:09 by Andrew Williams

The long awaited Zelda title for the game boy DS has finally arrived. With the combination of a new method of game play and a renowned game genre it already looks set to be a classic.

Link's latest adventure continues where the "Wind Waker" (for GameCube) left off. Link's pirate friends are merrily sailing the high seas and Zelda has once again renounced her title and

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