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FlatCurve emerges posted 28 May 2006 10:01 by Andrew Williams

OK, so after planning this theme for ages I finally decided to get into it...

So far it is no where near complete - it has many "defaulting" parts and a few features need to be tweaked, but here it is:

FlatCurve preview 

Stay posted for new news, hopefully I will get this up on get-e soon. 

Ubuntu - If you like it tell your friends posted 11 May 2006 23:18 by Andrew Williams

Well, after many months using this Ubuntu thing and a chat with one of the core developers I realised how great their commitment is to providing a "works out of the box" solution.

Just now I found that suspend without any hacking etc (well, a config change, as it is nvidia) on my shiny laptop! cool :)