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Wedding Bells have rung posted 12 Jul 2005 00:02 by Andrew Williams

OK, so back from the wedding now and can honestly say that not only have I never been happier in my entire life, but also that I never realised a single day could encompas so many of the happiest moments of my life!!!

The day was fantastic, perfect, special, sunny, cheerful... yes I have run out of ways to describe it, this is the only problem I am encountering

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Bang on the head posted 01 Jul 2005 15:43 by Andrew Williams

OK, so I honestly thought I had seen the end of the crash ramifications, but oh no!

I went to the opticians about a funny blur in my eye, well - it turns out (they think) that this is a result of my accident. Apparently a small piece of tissue has broken off from inside my eye and is now floating around indside! Still - apparently my vision is still perfect

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