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Engage + E17 = teh win! posted 27 Feb 2005 23:02 by Andrew Williams

OK, so I got bored and everything else was going slow so I started porting engage to an e17 module. I decided not to port, instead re-wrote almost from scratch as engage has quite a few issues. I started with ibar and stripped out a lot, added a few features then ported in zoom_function (the only remaining piece of code from genneth [with speed improvements]). Right... [Full article]

Content management strides on posted 08 Feb 2005 00:44 by Andrew Williams

My content management project (Rectang.coms XSM) is now coming along well. The latest deployment now fully generates static sites, so no server load when viewing pages like on previous versions. This means even my blogging .rss files are static, so syndicate away :) This also allows greater flexibility in the rendering of content, as the document type modules can render more ... [Full article]