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more E work posted 20 Dec 2004 19:28 by Andrew Williams

hehe, a good news day! Well, for a start E has virtual desktops - so it is my wm of choice now ;) Second, I updated my application icons tarball (in files to add the icons I am now using. Lastly I have started to allow folk to control E17 remotely from any app they write - cool eh? I love the call: e_module_enabled_set(const char *module, int enable) ... [Full article]

Eapp Editor in CVS posted 20 Dec 2004 14:30 by Andrew Williams

OK, so it is a bit late, but eapp editor (in ewl) is now in CVS - check e17/apps/e_utils. This tree was created for utility applications for e17 that do not belong in the main tree, so hopefully many other things will get added too! check out it, install it then you will find the editor named e_util_eapp_edit :)

E17 Eapp Editor in EWL posted 12 Dec 2004 22:57 by Andrew Williams

OK, so the eapps are really taking over! it is time for a nice way to edit them, so I started on the graphical editor. Need to hook in all the save methods before it goes into CVS, and then is the joy of handling changing the icon... [Full article]

XSM (my CMS) gets code improvements posted 05 Dec 2004 14:31 by Andrew Williams

OK, so after a stike of clarity regarding the nasty Java code resulting from the port from PHP i jotted down a nice new system for generating the page view/edit/etc struture. The coding for this now finished the small number of extra classes (~10 lines each) has meant I can strip out over 200 lines of code just by using java properly. Also made it easier to add ... [Full article]