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The *real* end of Uni posted 28 May 2003 03:37 by aje

Finally, the project presentation is over and my Uni work has indeed finished!!! woohoo o/ With all this spare time I may do some,..... coding, erm ah well! Lets all chill and party

Working Lad posted 24 May 2003 13:22 by aje

Well, my first week at work as a full time working lad has come and gone, and how great was it! I have a website set up on my machine: which has useful info etc. Just a project presentation to go and I am free and happy :)

Dissertation NO MORE posted 22 May 2003 13:27 by aje

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Well, I cannot begin to say how much of a relief it is to be finished with Uni work. Unfortunately I still have to get ready for the presentation of the project work, but still - hear enough. Sorry all you still working away... see you in the pub tomorrow.

Work goes on posted 21 May 2003 12:09 by aje

Well, as we all know it is difficult to write this damn dissertation. Thankfully today has been a good day for it. Got a collegue from work (Emma) to look over it all which was a lot of help. Between her and Michelle I am starting to belive that the examiners may understand what I am trying to say. Also got boxed code includes working - ROX!

Cadenza Recording posted 19 May 2003 16:54 by aje

Well, this eve found me wasting my time in Chrichton church singing away Ken Johnstons new piece for a recording for the media. The recording went well, but the guilt set in so I ran back to work again :(